Draughting Services

Measured surveys & Scale CAD drawings

Building projects that involve home extensions and alterations will require a full measured survey of the existing property. We can then produce survey drawings using computer aided design software, which will include plans, elevations and a cross-section. These drawings will provided a basis for the proposed design.

Conversion of Hand-drawn to Digital Drawings

To make it easier for our clients to store their drawings, we can get your hand drawn drawings and get them to CAD so you can easily make changes anytime you wish to do so.

Conversion of Concept designs & Sketches to Full Council submission drawings

Let us take your sketch designs and prepare full council submission documents on time, anytime you want.

Production of Working Drawings / Construction Drawings

We will provide you with the construction documentation of your projects; to ease the workload of your contractors and to avoid unnecessary errors. Whether is a room or it’s a multi-storey building, we are the team for you.

Basic 3D Drawings

We will provide you with basic 3D drawings for your projects.

Our Equipment

We use lasers and laptops to produce high quality Measured Drawings. We provide clear and accurate records of existing building site and structural conditions with concise details per our clients’ standards. Our clients are architects, building owners, developers, interior designers, construction companies, and home-owners, engineers, and facilities managers.

We provide clear and accurate records of existing conditions with concise details determined by architectural, engineering and owner drawing standards. We have been providing excellent service since 2006.